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Administrators of boutique retirement packages since 1991

What we offer

Multilect’s open investment architecture offers bespoke asset managers, independent financial planners, private investors, and employers customisable options for retirement investing.
We provide the administrative playground – you decide on the play.

Financial advisors

Do limited investment options restrict your or your clients’ choice? Can you easily change investment managers? Multilect priority is efficient administration. So, use our open investment architecture to create uniquely befitting investment strategies for your clients. Whether you need a multi-manager or CIS, a single investment portfolio or multiple investment portfolios, single funding or split funding, CIS or personal share portfolios, index funds or active funds, we create the administrative fit for your needs.

Company Retirement Funds and Employee Benefit Consultants

Whether you have a stand-alone fund, require an umbrella fund or wish to participate in a top-hat arrangement, Multilect provides you the administration platform plus an open investment architecture. Use bespoke solutions for members or groups of members. Provide different risk strategies on a single platform.

Private Investors

For the high net-worth investor who requires a specialized and personalized level of service, Multilect offers a boutique approach to managing your retirement wealth.

Asset managers

Open a new market – move into the retirement space using your boutique investment portfolios for your client’s retirement investment portfolio. Create a personalised share portfolio or segregated portfolios for individuals or groups. Your options are virtually unlimited.


Our Funds

Your retirement objectives can be met via membership of an umbrella provident fund, preservation provident/pension fund, retirement annuity or living annuity. Tracking your retirement objectives is done via a specially designed system that provides a full transaction history and calculates annual growth.

Senior Tips

Finding you ways to save money


Blue Dolphin tour of Durban Botanic Gardens

Take a half-hour or full-hour guided golf cart tour of the beautiful Durban Botanic Gardens with Blue Dolphin Tourist Services and pay only 50% of the standard ticket cost.


KZN Philharmonic Orchestra

On Sunday 8 April at St Thomas Anglican Church, Musgrave, Durban there will be a delightful and charming programme of utterly beautiful music. 


uShaka Marine World

Every Monday between 10 April and 22 June 2018 pensioners pay R40 per person for a ticket that provides entry to the Sea World aquarium and the dolphin show – a saving of R98.


Intercity Xpress

Intercity Xpress bus service offers pensioners a 5% discount on tickets during peak season trips.

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Distribution Of Death Benefit

The proceeds of benefits arising from the pre-retirement death of a pension, provident, preservation or retirement annuity fund in respect of a member is governed by section 37C of the Pension Funds Act.


How to choose the best place for your retirement

Have you ever visited an area and boldly stated that this is where you’d like to retire one day? You wouldn’t be alone. Most of us have a dream of living in some idyllic spot close to the sea or in the mountains, but as we get older the decision to uproot and move to some far-flung destination can have major consequences.